This web page houses the technical results of the multi-part modeling analysis conducted by Evolved Energy Research and Industrial Economics, Inc. for Decarb America.

The PowerPoint file below includes an overview of Evolved Energy Research’s modeling approach, the modeling assumptions, and the modeling scenarios. Full technical results are coming soon.

The report by Industrial Economics, Inc. assesses the employment and economic impacts of 20 different clean energy, transportation, and innovation infrastructure policies that can create jobs and stimulate the economy while advancing our climate goals. We plan to release a second report that will focus on the national and state-level employment and economic impacts of the net-zero scenarios.

Results on our other research topics will be posted as these analyses are completed.

Pathways To Net-Zero Emissions And Energy Infrastructure Needs For A Net-Zero Economy

Presentation of Scenario Descriptions and Modeling Approach

Technical Results


Employment Effects Of Investments In Clean Energy, Innovation, and Transportation Infrastructure

Clean Energy Stimulus Jobs Report