Jason Price

Industrial Economics, Incorporated

Jason is a Principal with Industrial Economics (IEc)


Jason is a Principal with Industrial Economics (IEc). He specializes in the development and implementation of methods to assess the societal costs, benefits, and economic impacts of policies and programs related to energy development and production, energy efficiency, and air pollution policy. Jason has led the development of economic impact analyses in multiple contexts applying a range of economic impact modeling tools, including input-output models, macro-econometric models, multi-market partial equilibrium models, and computable general equilibrium models.

Drawing on his knowledge of these tools, Jason has helped government agencies at the federal, state, and local level develop novel approaches to applying such tools to help them better understand the economic implications of policy decisions. Jason has presented his work at the annual meetings of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, Society for Risk Analysis, and the U.S. Association of Energy Economists.