Onshore Wind

This map shows the buildout of onshore wind compatible with reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 in five-year increments. Interactive features show this deployment broken down into existing facilities as well as techno-resource groups (TRGs) that demonstrate the resource potential and capacity factor for different wind facilities. TRGs 1-3 represent high-quality wind resource areas; TRGs 4-6 represent medium-quality wind resource areas; and 7-10 represent low quality wind resource areas. These resource groups follow NREL Annual Technology Baseline characterization for resource quality. 

Onshore wind grows most significantly in the Mid-Continent where states have high-quality wind resources. Texas remains the largest producer of onshore wind, in most cases generating more than three times the amount of wind as the next closest states, Kansas and Oklahoma. We constrain the potential of onshore wind development by different amounts for various scenarios to acknowledge land use constraints, siting challenges, or other societal factors.